Salsa musette vs musette tango

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  1. I'm looking for a crossbody bag that I can use when I'm out shopping, site seeing , whatever. I like the style of both these discontinued bags but I'm not sure. Are they too thin to fit much? Does anyone have these and have any opinions? Thanks!
  2. Hi, they are a bit on the thin side but to me this is good for crossbody. I would say they hold more than an Eva and definately more than a pochette, so the musettes are like a large clutch in capacity. To me the east-west orientation of the tango is better since it is easier to get in and out of. I also find items stay nicely organized inside. These purses can fit a long wallet but better to go with a compact like elise or zippy coin. The only drawback is there are two versions of these bags: long strap and short. The short strap version is easier to find and cant be worn crossbody but what you can do is tuck this strap inside the bag and attach a longer stap to it. The speedy b strap or something similar will work. If you like Damier Azur and front pleats, you might also check out the Siracusa. This is a current style and looks quite functional as a cross body. :smile:
  3. Great reply! Thanks for all the info! :ty: