1. What do we think of this style? I haven't read much talk about it on here. Is has a fun 80's glamor vibe to it, I think, but not a true must have for me. Anyone own them? Coveting them? I dont think I've ever seen a pic of it worn, I have no idea what they even look like on the foot.

    These are eBay pics, not mine...
    untitled1.jpg untitled.jpg
  2. i love this shoe!i have been searching for it in my size...
  3. In which color?
  4. Sorry, I don't like them. They look like the shoe has some suspenders on or something.
  5. the sides look cool and unique but the front looks weird. i've been seeing these alot lately on eBay and the more i look at them, the more i'll give them a pass.
  6. I would have to pass on these hun....I usually like a retro look every now and then but these look too dated IMO.
  7. I could not pull those off.
  8. While I think the black is much better then the white, for some reason I'm not really into these shoes...
  9. It is a fun looking shoe, but not very comfortable for me. I tried on the black, and my toes were getting pinched at the sides.
  10. i love the salopina...not the salopette though
  11. funny you say that. Salopette is french for overalls..

    I actually am not fond of this style on the foot.
  12. I like them.
  13. i love them. there were on super sale at Saks after xmas but my CC wouldn't allow me to splurge.
  14. I don't think I really like them... then again, if someone was offering me a free pair, I wouldn't pass them up!
  15. they look interesting to me...