Salon suggestions in NYC?

  1. I need suggestions for a salon in NYC that's not too too expensive (I can spend $40-70 for a haircut). FWIW, I have thick, wavy hair that is prone to frizz and all of that good stuff. TIA!!
  2. I HIGHLY recommend Cutler Salon. They have two locations- one in Midtown East and the other in SoHo.
    If you are interested in color, try Elisha, she works at the downtown location. I love her!
  3. Robert Kree
  4. ^^^ I LOVE Robert Kree!! I go there all the time & see David! I have had much more expensive cuts at other salons but they are the best, regardless of price.
  5. Karla Newgarden Takahara @ Qhair Salon in Soho. She's one of the co-owners and head stylists and charges $85 (the last time I went).
  6. I saw a pic of Sarah Jessica Parker getting her hair done at Robert Kree so they are probably also good with curls
  7. I'm resurrecting this thread since I'm on the hunt for the exact same thing. Robert Kree sounds great but cuts start at $95 on his website, and I know mine will be alot more than that. Any other suggestions??
  8. I recommend The Little Hair Shoppe in the East Village. Very friendly staff, reasonable prices, and they did a great job with my hair when I went last year. :smile: Here's the site, hope it helps!
  9. You know what you could do if you want to go to a high end salon and get a free cut or color? Go there on their training nights. Usually they are Tuesday thru Thursday. You could call the different places and viola, you have an expensive cut for next to nothing.