Salon Spray Tan

  1. What Is Your Experience With It? How Much Do You Need To Go To Keep It Up? Do You Prefer This Over Other Tanning Or Is There Something You Like Better?....AND Is There Any Smell After?

    I Have Not Yet Tried It (I Really Want To!).........Before I Do, I'm Wondering These Certain Things).......Thank You In Advance!!!;)
  2. I often do the Mystic Tanning --- you definitely see results after one session but to get a really nice deep tan I go once and then wait a day and then go tan the next. There is a very slight smell after tanning & you have to wait 4 hours before showering for the tan solution to set in.

    The Mystic Tan booth is easy, QUICK & safe for you ~ I do go to a regular UV tan salon sometimes to get a base tan only.

    Go ahead & try the spray :smile:

    SUGGESTIONS FOR THE MYSTIC SPRAY TAN: They provide what they call a "barrier cream" that you need to apply on your elbows, knees, palms & around your cuticles (nails & toes). REALLY COVER YOUR CUTICLES because if you don't, they will get really orangey brown & look kind of dirty. Other than that, the only thing you have to do is wear the disposable hair cap that they also provide.

    Hope this helps :smile: Enjoy!
  3. What Is Your Experience With It?
    In my experience, when i purchased the new Modelco products from

    How Much Do You Need To Go To Keep It Up?
    Like twice as a week. your skin will become beautiful tan!

    Do You Prefer This Over Other Tanning Or Is There Something You Like Better?....Nope. Modelco is the best!! it will save your alot of $!

    Is There Any Smell After?

    You will love the cocoa butter scent!! but it doesn't bother me at all... smells awesome!!

    You will need:

    1.) Polished Exfolitaing Body-$34
    2.)Tan Airbrush in a Can-$28 (187ML) or $36 (275 ML)
    3.)Tan Remover Exfolitaing-$14

    I LOVE MODELco!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Crowgal.......Thank You!

    I Have Lived On The Beach Forever & Yes! I Love Tanning! Since, We Moved Down To North Carolina....It's So Hot Here. I Don't Burn...& I Burn Here! I'm Trying To Stay Away From Tanning Booths. If Possible.

    So, Do You Go Two Days In A Row For The Mystic Tan Or One Day Mystic & One Day UV?

    What Is The Smell Like? You Know The Creams You Use When Using The UV Tanning....Is It Like That Or Is More Like Tan In A Bottle?

    You Are Wonderful.....Thank You Much!!! :smile:
  5. Chanelochanel You Are Wonderful ~ I Just Saw Your Other Post On Tanning.....& I Went To Sephora To Purchase & Both Sizes Of The Tan Part Were Sold Out (I Can Probably Just Pick It Up!).

    I Love A Nice Smell.....All The Tans In The Bottle I Could Not Handle The Smell ~ I Have No Idea Why? Hmmmm.

    See That's Not A Bad Price & You Can Do It All Right @ Home! I Like The 360 Degree Idea!!!!! ......One More Thing I'm Sorry.....How Often Do You Need To Re-Order?

    Thank You So Much For Your Help!!!!!! :smile:
  6. The smell is like the other self tanners out's not too bad, plus after 4 hours you can shower (i usually go in the late afternoon & then just shower the next morning.) As an example for me, I would go Mystic Tanning on a Monday & then go back on a Wednesday. I take a day break in between.
  7. Crowgal ~ Thank You So Much.........One More Question: When You Shower Is The Smell Gone (Self Tanners It's Always Still There).....

    Again, I Really Appreciate All The Help!!! :smile:
  8. What is the cost like for the spray tan salon?
  9. Question: What is the polishing exfolistion for and the remover exfoliation?

    Is one can enought for the entire body? Twice a week for how long?
    Sorry so many question, but I have never done anything like this.
  10. ModelCo is my fav!!

    its probably the only one that doesn't stink at all! - in fact smells really nice.

    I got the MODELco tanning kit with the spray tan, spray moisturiser, and sparkling spritzer thing. IMO, that's all you need.

    Unless you want to remove the tan after a day, I wouldn't get the Exfoliating Tan Remover. If you spray it somewhere where you didn't want it, just wash it off if you just put it on.
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  14. Q&A

    Tan Remover Exfolating Body Scrub

    How does this product work?

    For all you Tanaholics, this is a great way to remove your last fake tan application and prep your skin for a fresh new coat of TAN airbrush in a can. Or alternatively use TAN REMOVER after applying your Tan to remove unwanted, oversprayed or patchy fake Tan from knees, elbows and ankles.

    What happens when I have really STUBBORN stains that will not come off my skin?

    Use TAN REMOVER in conjunction with ModelCo BUFFED Exfoliating body towel or exfoliating gloves. Ensure you rub in circular motions e.g concentrating on knees, ankles & elbows. Repeat process if neccessary.

    What is the main ingredient in TAN REMOVER and will it dry my skin?

    The main ingredient is Triethanolamine, this deactivates the DHA. TAN REMOVER also contains the nourishing extracts of Vitamin E that will moisterise your hands and body leaving your skin silky smooth and hydrated.

    Does this smell like chemicals?

    TAN REMOVER is infused with the refeshing scent of pink grapefruit which leaves your skin smelling fresh and clean whilst gently erasing the self-Tan.


    How long does it last on your skin?

    It lasts up to 4 days

    How many applications do I get from the 150g can and the 220g can?

    You will get 1 to 2 full body applications from the 150g can and 2-3 applications from the 220gr can.

    How does it work?

    Step 1 For best results, exfoliate your skin prior to use. Apply TAN within ½ hour after showering as the skin is a PH level of between 4 & 5 and the TAN will last even longer!
    Step 2 Shake can well. Cover floor area where you intend to stand and spray.
    Step 3 Hold can approximately 40 cm away from body and spray fine mist evenly over desired areas. Do not overspray as this may cause TAN to run. Allow at least 10 minutes to dry before dressing and wait four hours before washing. Reapply as required for deeper colour.

    Does it dry your skin?

    TAN airbrush in a can has the moisturising actions of aloe vera and therefore does not dry your skin.

    Does it go streaky?

    Revolutionary 360 degree nozzle and superfine application means you get flawless even coverage in minutes and the coca butter scent leaves you smelling heavenly.

    Does it go orange?

    The long-lasting quick dry formula gives the skin an instant bronzed glow which intensifies in hours and fades naturally.
    Apply in minutes and achieve the richest looking tan without the sun.

    Why should we use ModelCo TAN Airbrush in a can over another self Tan?

    Tan contains the highest levels of DHA which promotes a longer lasting Tan.

    What is DHA?

    TAN'S main active ingredient is DHA which is derived from Cane Sugar.