Salma Hayek & Mia Maestro Carrying Great Bags !!!

  1. [​IMG]

    Salma Hayek and Mia Maestro exit a regular movie theater: Martin Scorsese’ The Departed.
  2. Both are STUNNING!!!:love:
  3. They are sooooo gorgeous!!!!
  4. They're hot.. and my god, I want their bags !!!!
  5. Wow.. they're both gorgeous! And so are their bags!
  6. Oh my... sooooo pretty, classy, and gorgeous!!!! Not to mention, I :love: their bags!!!!
  7. Beautiful ladies and beautiful bags :love: :love: :love:
  8. love the leather jacket. its hot.
  9. gorgeous!!
  10. :drool: Want them badly!!!
  11. petrol spy rockssssss:yahoo: and Oh i need YSL muse as well :P
  12. Salma and Mia are both cuties. I love both bags.
  13. Oh my gosh, they are soooo hot!!! The women are cute, too.
  14. They are so beautiful! They look fabulous!
  15. They both look great and I LOVE their bags!!! :drool::love::heart: