Salma Hayek looking super pregger's & GLOWING in GREEN

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  1. Shown here with fiancé Francois-Henri at a private dinner in Venice, Italy. Rumor has it that she's having a girl as Salma was seen buying $1,500 worth of pink baby clothes in West Hollywood last week. Boy or girl, it's going to be one lucky bambino!!
  2. uh oh she surely got big ! but she is still beautiful and glowing :heart:
  3. she's so beautiful!
  4. She sure has that preggers glow!
  5. I agree she got REALLY big...but she still looks gorgeous!!
  6. I love the dress and she looks great!
  7. She is HUGE but i love her, gorgeous !
  8. shes beautiful!
  9. That dress looks great on her! She's still so gorgeous!
  10. beyond gorgeous!
  11. sorry but, she makes me scared to ever get pregnant
  12. She's a natural beauty.
  13. salma looks healthy and happy. I love the dress on her it looks very nice.
  14. She looks good. You know us Mexican women cary the weight well and age well :smile:
  15. she doesn't need pillows that's for sure :smile: