Salma Hayek Accidentally Leaves $50.000 Worth Of Jewelry In A NYC Cab

  1. The Bachelor finds 50k worth of Salma Hayek’s jewelry in a cab


    In a story that sounds like a PR stunt, ABC’s pompous Bachelor reportedly found an envelope in a NY city taxicab containing $50,000 worth of jewels labeled “Salma Hayek.” Hayek’s incompetent assistant accidentally left the borrowed jewelry in the cab and The Bachelor was the next person to hail it. He called up the ABC studios, eager to return the goods:
    According to the website IMDB, Hayek is a lucky girl. The celebrity accidentally left some jewellery on the back seat of a New York taxi cab. The Frida star estimates the value of the gems to be at nearly $50,000.​

    Hayek was planning to wear the pieces to a benefit party, but her assistant left the jewels in the car. Lorenzo Borghese, the star of The Bachelor, happened to be the next customer for the cab, and returned the jewels.​

    Hayek, 40, explained, “The guy that’s like the prince in The Bachelor gets in the cab right after, somewhere random in New York and sees an envelope that says ‘Salma Hayek’. He called (TV network) ABC and said, ‘I think Salma Hayek just lost $50,000 worth of jewelry,’ and they gave it back. Isn’t that fantastic?” ​
    It’s a good thing the writing on the envelope wasn’t in Italian, or The Bachelor would have had to call someone to translate it for him.
    Hayek is seen at the AFI Film Fest last Thursday night with Penelope Cruz and Eva Mendes. Cruz was honored by the film festival for her 15 year career as an actress
  2. someone is gonna get fired!
  3. Geez, if it is NOT a PR stunt, WHY are we reading about it then?:nuts: :graucho:
  4. What next?
  5. I never understand how so many celebrities (I realize it was her assistant, but still) manage to leave so much jewelry all over the place. I imagine if I were traveling with $50,000 worth of jewelry, I'd be *extra* careful not to do something like that-especially if it didn't belong to me!
  6. I know look at how we are with our bags imagine $50,000 worth of jewelry
  7. indeed
  8. This story is Bogus!
  9. ^I agree!
  10. Obviously someone wasn't really watching over the jewelry that well..I'd keep it in my purse close to me that's for sure.
    Her assistant must have gotten into some nice trouble..
  11. Yea what a small world, small NYC, small coincidence, small- ehhhemm- LARGE Pr stunt!
  12. Good point...isn't she appearing on ugly betty, an abc show...hmmm
  13. ^^Totally agree! The only question: why Salma, of all people?? Does she have a movie coming out?? :graucho: :rolleyes:
  14. hmm if its PR stunt or not I still love Salma Hayek,she is beautiful and talented. Did you guys know that she produces Ugly Betty?. She ,and Penelope Cruz are my favorite Latina Actresses!
  15. Oh, i never knew she produced it. Sounds like a PR stunt though.