Sally Hansen nail polish...

  1. I wanted to try navy nail polish, so I picked up Sally Hansen midnight ? from a local drug store for 6 bucks because that was the only navy available. For some reason, it is very runny and requires multiple coats to show the color. It takes forever to dry, and then after 1 hour of drying time, I accidentally bumped my fingernail onto something and then there was a huge dent, showing the nail underneath the polish! I always thought Sally nail polishes are a bit "gummy" but not to this extent. I normally use OPI and Chanel, and Breille for base & top coats. I never have this "bumping & denting" problem. I was so frustrated because I had to redo everything from scratch.
    Has anyone experienced this with Sally's fall collection? Or is it just the navy? Any tips to make it less "gummy" and prone to sliding & denting?
  2. i bought the 'midnight' polish while i was in new york last month, and it is quite runny, but i found 2 coats to be ok, and it didnt chip as soon as i though it would for $6!
  3. I think the denting was due to the multiple coats rather than the polish itself. In my experience, if you put on more than 2 coats of anything its not really going to be dry in an hour...

    The Sally Hansen Supershine top coat is the best I've ever tried and I only buy good polish. The cheapest kind I have otherwise is OPI.

    If you want your nails to dry quickly and smoothly, put on base coat and polish, wait until its dry to the touch, then rub oil on your nails (cuticle oil, baby oil, olive oil, whatever). Put on your top coat the next day. It sounds weird, but it works...
  4. I have never had good luck with Sally Hansen nail polish. If you are still looking for a navy Lippmann Collection has one. It's called "Rehab" it is technically sheer but with four coats it turns an opaque navy. Pictures at
  5. OOO, I dont like Sally hansen, I much prefer OPI and their new navy from the russian collection is TDF i think its called russian navy. HTH's. x
  6. I have Haute Chocolate and it is runny but I think that is due to the thin bristles on the "salon" brush. If it were wider you'd be able to manuever more.

    It's very opaque after only one coat though. And I didnt notice it taking too long to dry.
  7. Arg....this just happened to me! I was putting on Sally Hansen Pat on the Black and had to take it all off cause I couldn't stand how gummy it is after being on for sooo long. I guess I'm just an OPI girl.