Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens

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  1. I saw these in a magazine, has anyone tried them? What were your results? I notice it says they are water based and mistakes just wipe away:smile:


  2. i saw this too! thought it was cute (if they work)
  3. Ooh, I saw this in Allure today. I wonder if they work as well as they look.
  4. Omg, I have to look for these!
  5. wow, some of those designs are awesome. i wonder if it works well
  6. I have a couple of them, and I don't know if im using it right... but i use the white to do a french manicure and it's kinda weird. i'd prefer to use something that is not water based, personally. it is easy though! i just hate the way it looks when i'm all done
  7. Is it really runny?
  8. ^ no it's not runny

    I have the white one I bought it for french manicures BUT it's got a fine point (the exact opposite problem of the older pens) that I have to go over it 2-3 times to get the tip covered.

    Also it comes right off if you make a mistake.I am ok with my right hand drawing on the left but the left hand drawing on the right well it's the same problem just a different polish.

    I actually don't use it at all . I might use it in the future in my travel bag to touch up a chip in a french manicure but that's it.

  9. is it lumpy or not even looking?
  10. Hmmm... I might get it and try them on DD's nails.
  11. ^^I bought one to try on my DD's nails. I've had a hard time with it because her nail is so small (she's 8). It also doesn't help that she is a nail biter....ugh! I have got to break her of it.
  12. It might be cute to try on your toes!
  13. ^yea that's a good idea!
  14. I saw these at Walgreens. They were like $8 each. That's expensive for acrylic paint in a marker form. You're better off getting acrylic paint and brushes at Michael's for getting some Stripe Rites from Sally's for $4 each.
  15. My thoughts exactly.

    The sort of pens that you have to "pump" the tip to get the product flowing, (paint pens) don't allow you to control the amount that is released. Often it comes out in globs or less than you need, giving a streaky marker look or splotches. I think a brush is way easier to use because you can see how much your dipping into. And with acrylic paint, you can get any color, while the selection these pens are offering is pretty limited. I highly doubt work done with these pens would look anything like the advertisement.