Sally Hansen Miracle Gel


Apr 16, 2012
Finally a product that I can paint my nails once a week! And I am super hard on nails! I used to do SOG but it was just too time consuming with the process and removal! I ended up not doing my nails for a long time. Now I am back in the swing of things. :P
I feel the same way!! Just decided to try miracle gel about a month ago, and it's the best nail polish ever.. its lasts at least 7 days, which is fine, because by that time I already want a new color. And they make my nails very hard, like gel polishes, they are sooo long. =D
Regular nails polish wouldn't last 2 days on me, so I was doing my nails with SOG, but it would take me 1 hour to completely remove the gel from my nails!!! I tried everything, nails mates, foil, soak in acetone.. it was just a nightmare.
Now I'm so happy with the Miracle Gel, I'm going to sell my whole SOG collection on ebay!
I started using this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel just before Christmas after struggling with soak off gels.

My nails are SO THIN & WEAK that I have never been able to grow them past my finger tips. They would split & peel & simply tear off at the quicks.Now,they are really long! I have to apply lots of coats to get them strong enough to get this long but I don't care! At least I have the thick glossy nails of my dreams now :smile: I am addicted to this stuff & have 14 different colours so far :smile:

I did a fab French mani using Get Mod (white) & Throwing Shade (pale pink) I used Chevron shaped nail tip guides which look really professional.
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I will have to try this! My nails are naturally weak and peel, so I have to polish them 2-3 times a week. I don't have time for that, so they've had on shellac for a couple months now. I hate paying for that when I can do them as well myself. I will have to look into these polishes!! I'm glad I found this thread!
I'm so happy I found this! I just used the Miracle Gel for the first time tonight! I hope it lasts a week like everyone has been saying! I recently gave up acrylics and have a hard time getting nail polish to stay on. I hope this works!!!
I'm resurrecting this ancient thread. I tried Miracle Gel and I just didn't find that it lasted any better than regular polishes for me. Overall I've never seemed to have good luck with Sally Hansen nail products, outside of the Gel Rehab overnight mask (which I'm in love with). It does look like the Miracle Gel line has been revamped, and maybe even a new formulation for the topcoat. Perhaps I should give it another try?