Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

  1. Has anyone tried this product? I really dont want to wear pantyhose with strappy shoes, but need something to make my legs look nice & even.
  2. I bought it but accidentally bought the lightest shade they had so it didn't show up on my legs.

    I watched a news segment about it and the lady suggests squirting it into your hand, mixing it with lotion, and then applying it.

  3. Thank you. I'm going to pick up a can today & try it out. Just have to figure out what color.
  4. I didn't watch this, but I use this lotion technique and it works great! My friend actually showed it to me. But what I do is I put the lotion on my hand first, and then spray the product into my hand, mix it then apply. I really like this product but MAKE SURE you buy the right color. Mine is a little more darker than my natural skin tone so it doesn't match my arms, face, etc. So it kinda looks funnny.. :s
  5. I tried it- It actually looked good! I can't say the same for the airbrush foundation they have(had?) though.
  6. does anyone know if it conceals stretch marks? :sad:
  7. hee hee! ...that and varicose veins and cellulite? That would be a miracle! I would spray it on my whole body! LOL!
  8. I buy this stuff in bulk!! I am really pale and the light glow matches my skin with a bit of warmth. I use medium if I want a bit more color. I love this stuff, it has made my life so much easier!!

    It does go on your skin better if you have moisturized it. I spray it on and rub it in really, really well. I mainly use it on my lower legs so I can wear capri pants or sandals.

    It keeps me from looking quite so dead!!
  9. ditto:P

    another great product that's helped me with my pasty pale skin is Jergen's Natural Glow. It's made my whole body even and now i don't have to worry about tanning just my legs. haha.
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