Salivating Suhali !

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  1. i don't see the link :sad2:
  2. Fixed ! :shame:
  3. i dunno, it looks really good in some pics, and wrinkly in others.
  4. it's stunning! i just love it!
  5. LOVE it!!!
  6. Hi I'm new here but old to LV :smile: and I think it's absolutely gorgeous! The plum is just about the most coveted color, and Emily the seller is really nice to deal with. I hope somebody buys it because it's sooo tempting to me! V
  7. Believe you me, if I had the money, that bag would be flying out of Hong Kong right now ! :lol:
  8. Ayla I bought a black le fab yesterday or I would have jumped on it too;) Good find!
  9. I adore this colour...such a great bag:love:
  10. I love the color, wow! You should get it!
  11. Hee hee the thread title!! Bag is A+