Salivating for a Blake...

  1. Sadly, I do not have a NM Last call near me. I would love a blake in this life ladies have been SO HELPFUL already....if anyone sees a blake (in any color really, but especially Peacock) please let me know!

    I love the handles on the Blake!
  2. I'm also looking for one - sap green or blue or emerald green or red!!!!!!!!!
  3. Have you tried calling NM Last Call stores? They could always ship to you. :smile:
  4. ^ That's what I would do....I got mine at a Neimans last call store at the end of last year....I put the word out here and a wonderful pfr posted that she saw it..I called the next day and it was mine...On sale w/ an additional % off..I think it was 20-25...I scored a tomatoe red and it is def one of my most favorite bags....Hopefully a pfr will see one and post it....They shipped it out the same day.....Don't worry...hang in there...The ladies are great here and will help you!!!! Good luck!! :heart: Emmy
  5. ^ the way I did see a taupe/beige blake on Bluefly this morning..not sure if it's still available.....:heart: Emmy
  6. I just called the Milpitas, CA Last Call to see if they would take phone orders, since two SA's told a member on here that they don't do that and I know they do. Well I called just to see if they do and asked if they had any Blakes to sound interested. Of course, they do!... so now it looks like I might be buying my 3rd MJ bag this week. The SA was not fimilar with the colors though so she said she will have her manager call me back and let me know which colors they have. I will post when I hear back from them, or you can call them yourself and see. Their number is (408) 941-1623. Good luck!!! :smile:
  7. ^^ ooh, thanks for the update, kirsten! I was at that exact Last call last saturday, but they didn't have any blakes when i was there. Maybe they got a new shipment? I think I'll call, too! Thanks again!!:flowers:
  8. Now I remember what the SA said!!!! Haha, you brought something back to me. She said they got a new shipment and are in the process of unpacking the MJ's, so she really didn't know exactly what they have but will call back to tell me so. She said they have Blakes though. Ahh I hope she calls back! They close in an hour! :sad:
  9. There is a red Blake bag on It is 749, which is a little more than Neiman Last Call.. but if that is the color you want..
    I got my from Saks retail price... never saw any went on sale... =(
    But I still loves it...
  10. ^^ ooh kirsten I hope she calls back soon!!! I wanna know what's in the new shipment too! Dangit, my weekend is packed and I won't be able to swing by Last Call. Grr!
  11. OMG new shipment... this is more than I can handle! Damn, wish there was a coupon out there somewhere.
  12. So how much do Blakes cost at NM Last Call? I suppose it varies, but to those who have bought one there, what is the range?
  13. The 3 or 4 times I've seen Blakes at my LC's the price has been right around $665. I've seen the Venetia prices vary but the Blakes have always been around this amount.
  14. Here is a link...Ann is a forum member and a very nice lady!
    Ann's Fabulous Finds

    Excellent depiction of the true color, imo!
  15. I purchased my tomatoe red blake last Nov over the phone ...I can't remember if was from a Last Call or Saks Off 5th...Shoot I think it was Saks ...It was during one of their killer sales and I got it for around $450 tops....They shipped it to me too..Let me pull up the thread...:heart: Emmy