salina MM or mahina XL gris?


salina MM or mahina XL gris

  1. Cruise Collection Salina MM

  2. Mahina XL Gris

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  1. Hi everyone! it has been a while that i stop buying LV as i don't see any that i really like. But i like the dashing colours of this cruise collection salina MM. In the meanwhile the Mahina XL Gris is also not bad. If i can only choose of one, which is a better choice? I hope i will make the right decision as i just spent 2000 on another bag so i can't have both:sad:. So i need you all to help me!TIA:flowers:
  2. The xl Mahina Gris is a beauty, unfortunately think it is Sold out so you may have real trouble finding one. I had one in my hands, but it was just too big for me, although she was a beauty. Also the price on this bag is way higher than that of the Salina MM, think the Mahina is in the 3,300 price range
  3. If you have the ability to find one I would snag the Mahina XL! That leather is TDF.
  4. thanks ladies. Both the Mahina and salina MM are still available in the local boutique in my area:yes: I'm not tall but i love big bag. but i have too many high maintenance bags that's why i hope either the mahina or the salina will be a practical bag yet classy as i like bags which are not so common.
  5. I love the Mahina
  6. Definitely the Mahina XL ... I have it in Noir and I love it!
  7. The Mahina XL is TDF!!!!!!!!! I would totally get it if I could afford it!!
  8. Here's a lone voice for the Salina MM. I have it and it's a wonderful bag, I get so many compliments on it and it's very practical. The red is just incredibly striking next to the mono. I'm not a huge fan of the Mahina personally.

    Congrats with whichever you choose :yes:.
  9. DEFINITELY the Mahina!
  10. :yes::yes::yes:
  11. my vote is for Mahina... LOVE that bag!
  12. go for the mahina and dont look back!! Its gorgeous whenever I see one I just stare and drool perhaps of its beauty!
  13. I would take the mahina XL. I love the mahina design =)
  14. mahina for sure
  15. Mahina XL. I am sooo in love with the bag. You won't be disappointed!!! Get her while you can!