Salina Bags

  1. I am picking up the Salina MM on tuesday. Does anyone have one? Thoughts? Bad idea?
  2. I think the MM is the perfect size Salina. They are very good looking in real life.. Good choice!
  3. I have been concentrating on Chanel so much I forgot how much I really do LV. Esp the special ones. Glad you agree with me!!
  4. LOVE THE SALINA MM! i have one, just got it about 2 weeks ago. Its really shiny, and versatile because its pretty huge :biggrin:
  5. Oh do post some pics! :yes:
  6. i love the bucket for some reason, but the MM is gorgeousssss as get both if i could..
  7. I LOVE the Salina MM! :love: I don't have one but want one! :yes:
  8. Great bag - congrats!
    Please post pics - would love to drool on my computer :lol::lol:
  9. Did you ever get it? i love this bag. I'd love to see pics :tup:
  10. I absolutely LOVE that bag..Excellent choice! Congratulations!!!:tup:

    ^^ OOPS! Sorry ..I already posted in this!:shame: See...That's how much I love it!:p