1. Which Saleya do you like it better for everyday use? PM or MM
  2. Depends on what you personally define as everyday use and how much you like to carry...
  3. I have my eye on the PM. For me, that is a good size for every day use.
    Go to the store, try both, fill them with your stuff--see what works best!! Then, ENJOY!!
  4. I have tried on both and I prefer the MM as it sat better on shoulder than the PM. Depends on your needs..I am going to get the MM soon:nuts:
  5. I just bought a PM from ELUXURY and I dont know if i should exchange it to a MM. I haven't try MM.
  6. Boku, do you have the measurements for the MM? If not, here they are: approximately 17.7x11.2x7.9 inches. This should help you get an idea of what size you think will suit your everyday needs. Hope that helps. :smile: