Saleya stiff handles?

  1. After much thought and I mean even obsessing into the night about whether to buy a Balenciaga purse, Kooba embossed Sienna bag or a Saleya PM/MM, I went and got the Saleya PM from LV NYC today. Well, I'm lucky that Bergdorf, Barney's and LV are within a two block radius of each other so I was able to try several bags, even ones on sale.

    But I love the Saleya PM. It's such a cute style. Very tailored and more my style than the boho-chicness of Kooba. I already own several B-bags, so I lucked out that i wasn't tempted by the colors Barneys had in stock.

    I'm lucky that the Saleya can fit on my shoulder with just my maternity tee-shirt, but no way come winter time and i have a coat on. It fits a lot which you can't tell from looking at from the outside.

    My only question is to all Saleya PM owners, do the handles soften up? They are a bit stiff, and the SA said it doesn't really soften like the vachetta leather ones. but does it lose a little stiffness as it wears more?

    I almost bought a damier papillon when i saw a mid-20ish woman carrying it on her arm in Bergdorf, but seeing that i already have a damier speedy, i thought the speedy a better choice for my lifestyle. but it looked really cute on her.

    damier rocks!

    does anyone know about the saleya handles?
  2. I have only had mine for two weeks, but it seems like it has softened up a little? I will need to pay closer attention I guess!

    It's a WONDERFUL bag. I have had a Marc Jacobs, a Gucci, and a LV petit bucket, and have sold them all. No plans to ever part with this one.
  3. Oh and for anyone wondering about capacity in the PM: I just fit a 70-page letter-sized document easily into mine, alongside my cosmetics case, wallet, ipod, sunglasses case, etc, and it zipped right up no prob.
  4. I've only had mine for a few weeks too. So far I think the handles are the same...
  5. Mine has softened with use. HTH.
  6. I'm sure LV rolled handles are all made the same way, only with different exterior leather material (vachetta vs brown). They will surely soften up the same way.