Saleya question regarding tabs

  1. So I was going to LV today an pick up a Saleya MM but realized/remembered those little tabs on the side. For those who have the Saleya, do the tabs curl up after awhile? That would utterly drive me bonkers!!!!:sweatdrop:

    I wish they didn't have the tabs there in the first place!
  2. I think after a while it then tend to do that on all bags.
  3. hhmm, is there anything that can be done to flatten them other than just trying to flatten them by hand? :confused1:
  4. They just curl up after awhile just like the speedy...
  5. Oh I does that bother anyone else or do you just deal with it?

    I might be a little neurotic. :p
  6. I'm pretty picky and for some reason I'm okay with them.
  7. Just like the leather changing color, the curl to the leaf is part of the charm of knowing you are loving your LV.:flowers:
  8. I have had mine since the day it was released in damier and mine hasn't done that at all!
  9. alouette: could you share visuals aids? i'm seriously thinking about getting this bag for the winter and would like to know how far down the handles go when carried on the shoulder. Thx!
  10. I have the azur saleya MM and the tabs do curled up...i have to admit that sometimes it gets me on my nerves a little bit:p hehehe but don't get me wrong I LVOE the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:

  11. I haven't purchased the bag yet but I will post pics once I get it..going by sometime this evening or tomorrow. Have to figure out a time to dodge rush hour traffic! :sweatdrop:
  12. You'll get over if after awhile. Get it if you love it!!
  13. No curling on my Azur Saleya MM and I've used it for months.
  14. I would recommend looking at a few saleyas at the store before choosing the one you want. I pay extensive attention to details and I have noticed that the leather on the tabs varies a bit from bag to bag. On some it might be thicker, thinner, stiffer, or more supple... and believe me those factors along with how you take care of the bag play into how much it will curl. If I have a choice, I prefer to choose bags where the leather of the tab is thicker and stiffer and I have not had a problem with curling yet. Hope that helps.
  15. Actually, the tabs on my Speedy haven't curled up (that would drive me nutty :wacko:

    If I were you I wouldn't not get it if you really want it just b/c of the potentially curling tabs.