Saleya pm

  1. Anyone who's lucky to own this bag, can you wear this over your shoulder for a long time when you have on a winter coat or will it not fit?
  2. I love my Saleya PM! But it doesn't work on my shoudler at all, whether I have a coat on or not. On me, the wider sturdy bottom is too wide where it hits the side of my body.

    It's a handheld or crook of the arm only for me. One of my faves for sure!
  3. I love this bag!!!! I can wear mine on my shoulder without a coat but I wouldn't be able to wearing something bulky. :flowers:
  4. Thanks for the tips..nice to know..
  5. Same here, I wear it on my shoulder frequently, but not with a bulky coat on. Also I am quite petite so it may be easier for those of us who are smaller. It is the perfect bag for me, the MM would be too large.