saleya pm

  1. I'm beginning to fall in love with this bag. But I haven't seen it in person and don't know if it's comfortable on the shoulder. I'm pretty petite. If you have this bag, can you post your pics with it on your shoulder and any positive or negative remarks about it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Someone posted a pic of herself wearing it on the shoulder in the Visual Aids thread that is stickied above :flowers:
  3. I love this bag sooooo much! Here's me with mine. I'm not petite and I can wear it comfortably on my shoulder so I think you should be fine. :flowers:
    87A68B8E-CFAA-D85B-2980BAED8F5B9E71.jpg 87A71BD7-D777-2529-437A319D1A661AC8.jpg
  4. yes, a great place to check! I'm not super petite (5'4") and mine doesn't really work on my shoulder too well. This is mostly due to where the structured bottom of the bag hits my side. On me it just doesn't look in proportion. But it's an awesome bag and I highly recommend trying it on! :yes: :heart:
  5. I love mine too, and I am petite. I wear mine on my shoulder all the time, and it of course works great handheld, too.
  6. Don't think it's comfy on the shoulder...
  7. thanks for your pics.
  8. I tried the Saleya PM at the store, but felt the straps are a little too short to be comfortable for the shoulder. I'm 5'7".
    I also tried the Saleya GM, if only the GM's straps are on the PM, it would have been perfect for me!
    However, it really depends on one's build, do try it at the store!