Saleya pm

  1. Hi, I am almost 100% sure I am going to be purchasing an ebonne Saleya pm sometime this week. Can anyone who already has one please tell me was yours made in France or the USA? Thanks! :smile:
  2. i just bought mine on saturday at the new orleans Saks and it's made in france
  3. I bought mine last February in Boston, and it's made in France
  4. I bought the Azur Saleya PM about a month ago and it was made in France!
  5. O/T but congrats!! i love that bag!!
  6. I have Saleya PM in both Azur and Ebene and both were made in France. I did request that my SA to only send me the ones that were made in France. ;)
  7. Mine is made in France. I have yet to see a Made in USA or Spain for this model.
  8. I bought mine last September and it was made in France.
  9. O/ the quality differenct if it was made from another country? new to this.
  10. Thanks everyone for your input! I appreciate it! I am ordering this one from LV website, so I will be sure to request that it be one made in France. From all of your input it seems like that is where this one is made anyway. From all of your experiences do you think it makes a difference if it was made in US or France? This is ONLY my second LV purchase so far! I was just wondering? :rolleyes:
  11. ^^ it doesnt make a difference. the quality is still 100% the same. im guesssing yu think the quality is different OR yu just want an LV piece from france?? (lol. i love getting new bags and then seeing that it was made in france. it makes me happy that it was born in its hometown :heart:)
  12. Both my ebonne and azur are made in France.
  13. I own a Azur Saleya PM and it is made in France.
  14. I bought my Azur Saleya PM last friday and it's made in France!
  15. post it i would like to see it when you purchase it