Saleya PM Question

  1. On it says that the Saleya PM is a shoulder bag but on elux it says its handheld?

    Which one is right? Do the new Saleya PM's have longer handles & Elux is showing the older ones??????:confused1:
  2. I don't have one ,but I tried it on. You have to have very thin arms to get it on and I don't know about a coat. If you can go try it on . It's very cute.
  3. The only Saleya with the longer handles is the MM. The PM will fit over your shoulder if you have thinish arms. Here's a pic of the pm over my arm:

  4. I can wear mine over the shoulder. Never tried with a heavy coat though.
  5. Elux and LV often say diff things (eg. monogram mini instead of mini lin now)... but to answer your q, if you have small arms the PM can be both a handheld or shoulder bag, otherwise just handheld
  6. PM is the best size.. Could easily fit over my shoulder coz I have thin arms lolz.. love it in azur.. hey rica, why don't you try it on gb? :smile:
  7. i have the azur MM and it fits great over the shoulder.
  8. I tried on the Saleya PM the other day and was surprised to find that it fit just fine on my shoulder. I'm slim, but definitely don't have skinny arms- kinda muscular actually! I thought it was a great size, but if you carry a lot of stuff go for the MM. The GM was ginormous!
  9. I think the Saleya GM and MM is a shoulder bags. The PM is a handheld. However, I have a PM and I wear it on my shoulder.
  10. I have saleya pm, and wear over the shoulder
  11. i can fit it over my arms.........i have skinny arms and i am 12, so yah........its a really comfy fit though!

    GET IT!!!!!!
  12. i did try on the pm and it does fit over my shoulder, just wondering why elux & say diff things.....
  13. hey rica, let me know how you like it. i'm considering this bag in either regular damier or azur.
  14. Saleya PM fits on my shoulder as i have thinish arms. Perhaps you would like to try it at the boutique.

    Saleya MM handles would be comfortable carried on shoulder if your are wearing a coat.

    here r 2 pics.... hope they r helpful!:smile:
    saleya on shoulder.JPG saleya on arms.JPG
  15. i tried on the PM at the store and I :heart:LOVED:heart: it!!! its kinda plain though so maybe the azur would be should get it! you have been on an LV spree lately:tup: