Saleya PM - pros and cons

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  1. I'm seriously considering getting one for my next bag but have a few questions. First off, are the tabs on the sides of the bag easily folded over or do they lay pretty flat against the bag?

    Also, do they fit over the shoulder? I'm pretty petite and want to make sure they easily fit over the shoulder? How much do they carry? Any help is greatly appreciated!!:yes:
  2. It fits over my shoulder, even when I wear a down coat. I'm 5'2", small build. I only tried the bag on in the store though; haven't used it. I'm getting it for Christmas. =)
  3. Great ..thanks! I checked it out and looks great!

  4. Lucky you! This would be my early Xmas pressie to myself!
  5. hopefully this is my christmas present too....NEXT YEAR! us pics when you get it!
  6. Well if I can't contain myself until my next paycheck, it might be sooner than Xmas! :roflmfao:
  7. Hi new here just wanted to add that whilst I LOVE the practicality of the bag, I'm not too thrilled with the quality of the plating. It's barely 6 months and the ring part of the zipper pull that connects to the zipper itself is already tarnished. LV said it's "normal" as it's "only plated" and they could fix that for a "small" fee. The rest is fine - it's prob due to friction I guess. I miss the old brass zippers that got darken but didn't tarnish. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
  8. i love this bag and am considering getting the azur in a few days. Im at the stage where im trying to decide if i really love it or not, or maybe i should get a wallet and agenda or something.. i wish they had a smaller pretty handbag in azur (already have pochette and speedy).
  9. Hmm..interesting..thx for the heads up.:confused1: Wonder why it does this?? So it looks all rusty/tarnished and different colors?
  10. Hi alouette, I just got this bag. I absolutely love it!!! I am small too, 5'2" and 105lbs. My arms are small too, so it fits over my shoulder perfectly with a little room underneath, it's not all up in my armpit. And it even fits pretty good with a wool coat on. The tabs on the side lay pretty flat you don't even notice them. The zipper is very easy to open and close and its nice and roomy inside but not to wide. Totally lovin this bag!!! Can't wait to see your pics when you get it!
  11. it is a gorgeous bag for fall winter...would not carry it in the summer because it is fairly dark IMO...the azur for summer instead...
  12. Thanks so much tr444 for your informative post! Have you noticed your plating getting tarnished as a previous member had mentioned? That worries me...:s

  13. Actually, no I haven't noticed anything like that. Not to say that anyone else isn't careful, but I am a little anal about my bags. I try to be careful not to let them scratch up against anything or bang against anything or something like that. I know I am a little overly worried about them but I can't help it! If I saw that happening to the hardware I would freak out. As it is, I am always telling my kids (7 & 6), "Don't go near mommy's bags....EVER!!!!!) ha ha
  14. ^^ Also, the hardware will tarnish after a while, that is normal, I clean my hardware with Brass-x or some similiar cleaning agent will work. It makes the locks and keys and zipper pulls look like BRAND new! It's awesome!