Saleya PM over the shoulder?

  1. Can you get it over your shoulder? Anyone with pics of it on? Thanks.:smile:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. here is a MM

  4. Mm:
    Azur II.JPG
  5. PM




  6. MM

  7. PM

  8. PM

  9. I've posted this before and not sure if it is accurate or what but I went to LV to try on the Hampstead and the Saleya PM. The SA told me that LV is going to lengthen the straps of the Saleya PM in August. He also said not to quote him but you may want to follow up at your own boutique in case you want to wait for longer straps. THe PM did fit on my shoulder though.

  10. MM

  11. Here's a pic of me and Azur Saleya MM
    Saleya Azur MM.JPG Saleya Azur MM2.JPG
  12. Thanks for all of the info. I was looking at the Saleya as my next purchase; thinking of using it for my everyday work bag--regular purse stuff plus lunch, agenda, waterbottle. Looks like the PM might be a tight fit for me and maybe MM would be the way to go. Riley-I am going to follow up to see about the straps. Thanks again everyone!
  13. great pics everyone! I think the PM is so adorable.