Saleya pm or Turenne-decision time

  1. Hi,

    finally a place where one can discuss LV bags:yahoo:

    So here comes my first thread.

    I am a long time LV lover and bought my first bag when I was 19 (ages ago) and am addicted since..

    Now I am debating a new purchase; I need a carefree bag to use every day, so something too big, too heavy or too flashy is out of the question.

    I have a baggy pm as a shoulder bag at the moment and as this is at LV for a repair I use my trusted speedy in mono at the moment. As I am always carry lots of stuff that is also better for my back then the shoulder bag. But...
    I find a shoulder bag so much easier to carry around, so I am thinking about the Turenne in small. Should be big enough for everyday use and I do not have a black epi apart from a petit Noe which I hardly use as it is so hard to organize...

    What do you all think? Does anybody already have the Turenne? How does it look in real life?

    The other option would be the Saleya as I like the form and as I wear lots of brown and black that would be easy to combine as well...

    Difficult...what do you all think?
  2. the Saleya would go with everything, and i think it may be more durable than the Epi bags. and i find the Turenne ugly :blah:
  3. i like the shape of the saleya actually. i think i looks good with everything. makes a good shoulder bag.
  4. Personally, I love Saleya :love: though I'm a fan of Epi :biggrin:
    Yep, it's easy to match with everything :yes: and requried low maintenance :graucho:
    Saleya is for everyday use surely ;)
  5. I vote for the saleya ...not a fan of the turenne:yes:
  6. I love the shape of the Saleya.
  7. I've never seen the Turenne in person, but I've seen the Saleya and she's beautiful! :love:
  8. I love the Saleya, it has good room and it is a nice shoulder bag. I don't like the shape of the Turenne.
  9. Saleya!
  10. Definitely Saleya! The small turenne is horrible IMO. The bottom is so wide that you can't put your arm down comfortably.
  11. I vote saleya. I love the easy access due to the long zipper on top. I tried this on last Sunday and almost got it. Got duomo instead, but saleya would be more practical than my duomo. Saleya is so roomy and would go with almost everything.
  12. The tureene is much smaller IRL & I don't think it is that good looking. I vote Saleya. The Onatah GM is amazing looking & roomy.
  13. I love my Saleya. It goes with everything, it's not heavy, you can dress it up or down, it's very roomy. I can't say enough great things about it. :yahoo:
  14. Definitely Saleya!!!!
  15. I would say the Saleya. I saw the Turenne and tried it on and I did not like it at all!!!:yucky: :yucky: