Saleya PM or Saleya MM and why?

  1. Finally!! I have decided to buy a Damier Saleya. Please help me in choosing the size...

    I am 5'5", US size 4 to 6 or UK size 8.

    Which size Saleya would suit me better? PM or MM?

    Thanks in advance.:smile:
  2. I prefer PM. Am 5'4 and UK size 8.
    Tried both on but the MM is a bit big for me.
  3. it depends on how much you want to carry. If you want to be able to fit A4 size stuff in it, go for the MM. But if its just for everyday (not needing too much) the PM should be fine.
    Im 5'2" and i would go for the PM, it has plenty of room for what i would generally carry, and its very cute. I would only get the MM if i wanted a 'bigger bag'
  4. It depends on what size bags you like and how much you carry. I have the MM - I love big bags and tend to carry a lot. I think you call pull off either one - I don't think either would look too big or too small on you. I am 5'4", US size 2-4, and I don't think the MM looks too big on me.
  5. im 5'6 and US 4, and when i saw both the PM and MM in the store, the PM just looked way too puny to look good on me, but i was immediately drawn to the MM as the perfect size. it really looks to be the perfect size on me, and i really don't think i can pull off the PM....hope that helped!
  6. I've never seen the MM in person, only pictures but I am in LOVE with this bag so far and can't wait to try it on at the store. I had tried on the PM at the store and thought it was cute but thought the handles were too short.
  7. I tried on the PM at the boutique today and im 5'4 and 8 and a bit stone, the PM was the best size imo not too big and not too small xx
  8. I have the PM and it's the right size for me. MM is just too big. I'm 5'1 by the way.
  9. I have the PM. I'm 5' 2" and about 105lbs. I find the pm the perfect size for me. I fit alot in it, wallet, sm. agenda, mini pochette, cles, sunglass case, ciggs, cell phone, and there's room for more! I have thin arms and shoulders so it fits good on my shoulder too.
    Here's a couple pics so you can see:


  10. I prefer PM... because the MM is a large tote (well, smaller than GM) and would look better if it had a pocket like the GM. IOno...just seems like to me in my head that the front of the MM is 'missing' something:shrugs:
  11. Base on your height, I think the MM would suits you better. And if you carries a lot of stuff in your bags, get the MM since it's roomier.

    the best solution is go to a LV boutique and try on both. what i would do is try the Pm on one arm and the MM on the other to compare which one i like better. lol.

    Good luck with your decision.
  12. Get the pm. the mm is huge irl.
  13. i prefer the pm, only because i'm on the petite side... a little over 5'2" and 110 lbs or so. i think the saleya pm suits me better and the mm is just way too big.
  14. Thanks for your input guys. Hmmm, I-ma think about it over the weekend. tough choice really.

    Tr444- thanks for the picture. That bag is beautiful!
  15. ^^ Your welcome!! Are you near an LV store at all? I was thinking if you are, you'd probably be better off trying them on and see which one you like better?