Saleya PM or Hampstead PM


Saleya PM or Hampstead PM (Damier Ebony)

  1. Saleya PM

  2. Hampstead PM

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  1. Can't decide between these two. I don't really like HUGE bags ...
    Hoping to be able to shoulder carry - I know these are both described as hand carry, but I can get the Neverfull PM on my shoulder (just not as easily in the winter)
    Thinking of something that can be used for everyday ... when I need to fit room than in my Speedy 25.
    Something that I could travel with on plane or car ...
    Would love to know everyone's thoughts. Thanks!
  2. they are both nice...I am thinking about a daimer bag as your speedy daimer? do you love it?
  3. :yes: yes, a damier - and yes, i love it!
    I got the mono speedy 25 first, but found that i was very aware of how i held the bag where i was setting it down - and with all the snow and slush in these parts - plus work not being the cleanest place in the world I realized it was a bag that I was not going to be able to use it everyday.

    No such worries with the damier. I've been using it practically everyday since January 23.
  4. Pictures, for reference. :smile:
    Saleya PM.jpg Damier Hampstead PM.jpg
  5. If it is in Azur, so Saleya looks better.

    If it is in Ebony, so Ebene looks better.
  6. For me I love the Hampstead in the Damier...and when I tried on the Saleya the rolled style handle slide right off my shoulder. That is a pet peeve I have. I love the Saleya in the Azur too.
  7. I've been considering both of these bags also. I voted for the Saleya, but it was close. I like the fact that it has a zipper, so would be more secure. I agree with everyone that the Saleya is gorgeous in Azur. But it does have vachetta, so there would be more of a risk of getting it dirty if you carry it in bad weather.
  8. i agree!
  9. I love the Saleya! Its looks bigger than the Hampstead
  10. both are cute, but because of the handles I'd say:

    get the Hampstead PM cuz it'll be easier to carry on the shoulder (plus it has a shiny plaque in the front!)

    otherwise get the Saleya PM for handheld
  11. I have a Saleya PM but don't have a hampstead PM. I love Saleya PM. It is so classy.
  12. I'm thinking the same thing too!
  13. Saleya. I like it better. It has a zipper which is a major plus
  14. I'd go for the HAMPSTEAD PM.

    Good Luck on your decision. :flowers:
  15. I also have the Saleya PM in ebony but I want the MM Hampstead! The PM wasn't comfortable to carry and hit my body wrong. I can just get the Saleya PM on my shoulder for emergencies, cannot carry it for long. More a matter of handle length than rolled handles sliding off.

    Tough to chose! Zipper or flat straps that might work better on shoulder. Can you get to the boutique to try them both on?