Saleya PM or Hampstead PM??

  1. Hi All. I haven't posted in ages, but would love your opinions on the Saleya PM vs. the Hampstead PM. Just got a bonus check and it's burning a hole in my pocket. I've wanted the Saleya for a while now but think the Hampstead looks pretty nice also (in pictures, I haven't yet seen it IRL). I'm not sure I'd like the open top though.

  2. I love the Hamstead. I tried it on at the boutique and it was instant love. It's on my wishlist.
  3. The Saleya is more practical, it has a zip and it's a wonderful and agreable bag for every day. The golden hardware is "round" and solid, that looks very nice!
    I have the Saleya PM and I love that bag! The handles of the Hampstead are very hard and stiff.
  4. hampstead! I liked it so much when I saw it at the boutique!
  5. Saleya
  6. I have both. the saleya is my most favorite one.
  7. I have the saleya in azur and love it.
  8. I like the Hampstead. I had the MM but had to let it go since it was too large. I would definetely purchase the PM.
  9. I like the shape of the Saleya more... :tup:
  10. I like both, I have the hampstead mm, but now I want the Saleya in azur.
  11. Touch choice - I like them both! I am attracted to both totes and zip top bags, I dont think I could choose if given the choice!
  12. Easy the Saleya. I like it better plus it has a zipper.
  13. I have the Saleya pm and liked so much I bought it in azur too!

    My most used bags!
  14. I'd go for the Hampstead but I do like open tops.
  15. I love them both, but if I could only get one I would choose the Saleya because of the zipper closure.