Saleya PM or Batignolles Horizontal

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  1. I'm really having a hard time deciding between the Saleya PM and Batignolles Horizontal. I love both of these equally! I already have two mono bags (Speedy 25 and Pochette Croissant), but no damier (just a cles). Which would you get? Thanks for your help! :smile:
  2. Both are gorgeous and you can't go wrong with either but I have to vote for the Saleya PM. I have on and love it so much! It will be perfect with fall/winter coming up. I love the alacantra lining and the fact that Damier is worry free. It's a great bag! :flowers:
  3. As much as I love the BH, if you already have 2 mono bags, I would hold off for a while. Get the Saleya.
  4. wow, this is a tough one.....I love the bh, have it, and I love the saleya, don't have it.......they would both serve a similar purpose in my opinion. Here are some things to consider, the bh has an open top, just a hook closure, the saleya has a full zipper. The bh is meant to be a shoulder bag, the saleya is not but if you have small arms it can be. The bh has the vachetta issues, though there isn't that much which is what attracted me to it, but the saleya will be much lower maint. I love damier and I think everyone should try at least one bag in it.....IMO you should work to eventually get both, maybe the saleya now, I think it will be a great fall bag (and year round for that matter).
  5. Saleya, since you don't have any damier pieces. I do LOVE the BH though.
  6. Saleya PM! Does the Saleya PM rest comfortably on the shoulder or not? I love this bag.
  7. saleya! i think its a little less common than the bh (although its a great bag too)
  8. I'd go with the Saleya for the reasons mentioned above already.
  9. Amen all around! :heart:
  10. Yep:yes: DAMIER SALEYA!!!!
  11. The saleya MM rested more easily & was much more comfortable on my shoulder than the MM....I vote for the saleya:wlae:
  12. i vote for the Batignolles Horizontal! :yes:
  13. Wow, almost a unanimous vote for the Saleya! I was a little more inclined to getting it too since I don't have any damier bags, but eventually I probably will get the Batignolles Horizontal since it will haunt me till I do :lol: Thanks for everyone's input!
  14. I think the BH is gorgeous!!! *But*, since you have 2 mono bags and zero Damier(except for a Cles which will go very nicely with the Saleya), go for the Saleya. :yes:
  15. hehehe, i was like this last week!!! i'm so voting for the BH!!! woo hoo!!! BH!!!