Saleya PM/MM Owners! i need to know

  1. if you can turn it into a shoulder bag?? would you prefer it over a BH/BV?
    if you have pics to post id really appreciate it!!

    Thanks in advance!!:heart:
  2. unless you have really really skinny arms, you can prolly carry the PM on your shoulder... (but I wouldn't recommend it, cuz it feels and looks a bit awkward imo)
    I heard that some members here got the new MM version which has longer handles now. When I compared all three sizes, MM had the same handle length as the GM.

    and sorry no pix, I only have the GM
  3. Saleya PM! Is so cute, but the MM would probably fit better on the shoulder. I'd get that over a BH or BV!
  4. I have the new version Selaya MM and BV, love both, great shoulder bags!!!!
  5. I like the Saleya because of the zip closure and it fits comfortably on the shoulder.
  6. The PM will go over my shoulders comfortably if I'm not wearing a jacket or hoodie. It looks best carried on arm IMO but your arm can get sore if you're shopping for a long time.
  7. the saleya mm goes over my shoulder. pros of the saleya (vs. the bh) damier=carefree, zipper top=everything stays put, has a more formal (imo) appearance. pros of bh: a shoulder bag, casual & functional, very little vachetta. lots of ppl on tpf have both, but i've rarely seen either irl.
  8. i need to know this too! can saleya mm hold school books?
  9. I have a saleya mm and the straps go comfortably over my shoulder even with a thick winter jacket. I don't have a BV or BH, but I love the Saleya! Also, to answer bvbirdygirl, I can fit standard magazine /A4 size folders in my bag with no problem.
  10. I have the PM and love it. I get away with carrying it on my shoulder when I do not have a coat. It does not hold as much as BV or BH but, I prefer it over those bags.
  11. So with the rounded handles your shoulder doesn't sore/ache after awhile?? If so, how long can you wear it til this happens??

    (btw: Out of the 3 sizes I'm leaning towards the MM)

  12. I have the PM in the Damier and will be getting the MM in the Azur delivered today!! :yahoo: The PM does fit over my shoulder. You have to arrange all of your stuff inside just perfectly or it won't all fit (guess it depends on what you carry though). I wanted something that I could just throw everything into and not worry about placing it just right!

    I also have the BH....more of a shoulder bag, in my opinion!! I'll let you know about the MM once it gets here!
  13. yes, it's a bit more spacious than the BH. If you have a LOT of books to carry, get the GM:yes:
  14. tr444 has the PM and I know a few members have the far as I've heard PM can't fit on shoulder...MM can be both.

    if you're using for school...maybe a BH, I saw one at school today, and you can fit a few textbooks..or maybe a LH?!?!?!
    if you have a lot like me..I suggest a mezzo.
  15. Here's mine carried three different ways: