Saleya PM like shoulder bag?!

  1. Hi!
    is it possibile to wear Saleya PM like a shoulder bag?
    I'd like to wear it in Winter with my i 'd like to know if the handles are long enough.
    Thank you so much!
  2. Not with a coat, no. With no coat, you still need to have slender arms.

    I carry mine as a hand bag or on my elbow.
  3. You could if it was a light coat.
  4. It's only handheld or crook of the arm on me, even without a coat. It works for some, but on me the wider bottom hits the side of my body in a weird way.
  5. I have a saleya and its such a nice shoulder bag. It would surely fit with a coat and slender arms :tup:
  6. I have the PM and it fits fine on the shoulder, I have't tried with a coat, but I am pretty sure I could, and I am not so slender!
  7. I can wear it on my shoulder when I am not wearing a coat or jacket. it does get "up in the pit" though so its not a super thing to do if you know what I mean. I really don't think it is possible to wear it on the shoulder with a coat, unless you are built like Twiggy
  8. Only if you weigh less an 100lb or are tiny boned....
  9. How about getting the MM and you can wear the MM on your shoulder for sure.
  10. can someone post pics of wearing the ebene preferably.

    I'm afraid the MM would be too big for me and become unstructured.
  11. I can wear it on my shoulder, but not with a coat!
  12. mm for sure can go on shoulder. unless you have very slender arms, pm won't work.
  13. I wear my azur saleya pm on the shoulder most of the time. It fits well on my shoulder, even with light coat on.
  14. I can wear it on my shoulders but it's a bit uncomfortable (this was with a suit jacket on).
  15. My saleya pm fits nicely under my shoulder without a thick coat/jacket. Cardigan is fine..