Saleya PM help!!!

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  1. Ladies, I need help/feedback/advice.

    I bought my Saleya PM bag from a TPF member on ebay not too long ago and recently I've been looking at pictures of the inside of the bag and I noticed that they have a D-ring and mine doesn't. The receipt that she had provided for me was dated back in 2006. Could it be that the old ones don't have the D-ring?

    Please help me put my heart at ease!!:sos:
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Not sure if I can be of any help, but my Azur Saleya PM with a date code of VI4027 does have a D-ring.
  3. I have the MM and it comes with the d-ring too. bought mine Jan 2007
  4. Don't be alarmed. I have a Saleya PM that I purchased at an LV boutique in August 2006 and it does not have a d-ring. When I went back to the boutique in Feb 2007 to buy something else. The SA was suggesting a pochette and said I can attached to my d-ring. I said I did not have one. She looked into it and found out that LV started puting the d-ring in late 2006.

    So don't worry.
  5. I bought my Saleya Azur PM in July 2007 (at LV Italy) and the date code is VI2007. It does have a d-ring but it doesn't really mean something to me. I just leave it there.
  6. aww thank ladies for your help!

    thanks dotnative! i feel so much better!


    sorry if i keep posting threads in the wrong sections.
  7. This is really good info for all of us to know! Thanks!!!
  8. babylicious, thanks for bringing this to our attention! we all learned something.
  9. Yup, different versions. I was looking at one in store and it did not have a D-ring :smile: