Saleya PM comfortable?

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  1. Hi- I am considering to get a Saleya PM. Can anyone give me feedback on this bag- is it comfortable to carry on the shoulder? I remembered I tried it on a long time ago but at the time I thought it came out too much on the bottom if that makes sense. But now I really need a bigger shoulder bag. I like the Piano or Mezzo but I think that for the bigger bags, I prefer a damier print.

  2. I am not sure about the PM but I have the MM and I love it. It is a VERY comfortable bag.

  3. I don't personally own a PM, but want a MM. My friend has the PM and she can comfortably carry it on her shoulder. I, myself cannot since my arms are a lil too hefty. I'm 5'6", med built.
  4. I sold my pm because it wasn't quite right... I wish I had bought the mm instead! I think you may want to consider the mm size.
  5. I have the MM and GM sizes and they are both comfortable and keep their shape well. I have put my Cabas Mezzo away since I got the Saleyas...but now the Palermo GM is demanding my time!
  6. I was tossing between PM and MM as well when i was about buying 1

    I decided to go with the PM because in fact the PM is more structuyred so it holds the shape better than the MM and still comfortable in my shoulder

    but considering MM has longer straps, MM would definitely be more comfortable though

    HTH :heart:
  7. I had the PM and I sold it because the straps are too short to carry on the shoulder. I like the shape of the Saleya very much, and I it's a wonderful every day bag. I would go for the MM (I'm thinking about that too).
  8. I agree^

    I tried on the MM and it's perfect over the shoulder and it's a good size as well!
  9. I'm really happy with my PM. I'm petite so it fits comfortably on my shoulder, the only complaint I have so far is that the outer strap falls off my shoulder so I have yet to find a way to correct that. It hasn't gotten to the point where it bothers me a lot. It sticks out a little near the bottom but again not enough to bother me. When I had tried both the PM and MM on in stores and the MM was definitely too big on me. It was diaper bag big so for my purposes (as an everyday bag) it was too big (although it would be good as a carry-on travelling bag or school bag or baby bag. However, if you need more length in the straps, the MM size will provide that. When I recieved the PM I thought it was smaller than I had expected but it really is suffficiently big. It fits more than the Cabas Piano and opens up real wide so it can fit a lot and is easy to get things in and out of. When empty, it is pretty floppy so I am once again glad I have the PM instead of the MM because it holds it's shape a bit better. Overall, I love my Saleya PM. Hope that helps!
  10. Okay you just answered something I was about to ask-- Thanks!
    Wasn't sure if the MM's strap drop would be better for me compared to the PM..
    Good news for me!!!;)
  11. I have the pm, and like it very much.