Saleya PM - can you wear it on your shoulder?

  1. Even with a winter jacket on??

    I think on the site it says the PM is meant to be handheld...but I don't want to consider going up to MM just for the shoulder length handles...

    Yes I am doing a lot of shopping in my head right now :p
    My excitement for the Couguar has cooled (especially since there are still NO BLACK ONES in Canada YET!) and the Saleya may be the replacement.
  2. i've looked through the visuals, and seen a few ladies wear it over the shoulder. so i think it's possible. perhaps try one on at the boutique?

    i think the saleya MM would look great on you too... you are quite tall!
  3. I have an azur saleya pm, and yes, it fits very comfortably on my shoulder. However, I prefer to carry it in my hand.
  4. karman, it will fit on your shoulder. you are so slim! you'll have no problem, at all. :smile: