SALEYA pictures please !

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  1. Bonjour, yesterday I went to the LV boutique of Toulouse (south of France) where I bought a Speedy 30 in damier (my first LV bag in damier) and the pochette clés perfo in orange. I've forgotten to have a look to the SALEYA bags. I have the Cabas Mezzo (I'm selling it on Ebay) but I find it too huge. Now I'm looking for something beetween the Ponpincourt Haut (or Cabas Piano) and the Mezzo. I think the Saleya PM could be a good choice (what's about the MM ?). If you have bought those bags could I have a pic with you carrying them at shoulder ? Merci. Florence
  2. Look in the Visual Aide thread...I think members are on there with their Saleyas. It is such a gorgeous bag!! :smile: Good luck:smile:
  3. there's a great photo on the visual aide thread of the mm. i bought this bag a couple of weeks ago for my fall bag. however, i started using it 3 days after i bought it! i had the mezzo and found that it was too big. the piano and saleya pm were too small. i found that the saleya mm was JUST RIGHT. if you don't wear a bulky coat, it can go on your shoulder. the bag is then just under your armpit area, but i like how that feels. it hits just above my hip and i really, really like it. the mezzo, although beautiful, was just too big for me (i'm about 5' 1". if you want, i can try and post some photos later on today. :smile: good luck!! p.s. also, the damier is great- no worries with weather!
  4. Bonsoir Babyandmelovelv, it would be great if I could get pictures with you carrying the Saleya MM. I'm a bit confused because the measures of the Saleya MM are not far away from those of the Mezzo and you say that the Saleya is perfect size and the Mezzo too huge !
  5. Saleya PM on the shoulder. I'm 5'7 145. HTH :flowers:
  6. can anyone tell me if the saleya mm fits on your shoulder nicely...i mean is it a shoulder bag?