Saleya Owners

  1. Hello Girls

    Can you please post pics carrying your saleya's....:flowers: :tender:

    I am going nuts....I am so in the mood for buying bags.....lots of bags...I just blame it on the pregnancy hormones....

    I NEED more bags.....:party: :party:
  2. Me and my Saleya PM. I am 5' 1"

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I recommend this bag very highly.
  3. It's gorgeous on you Jane ! And your kitty in the back is so cute, he looks a lot like the cats I used to foster (so cute !).
  4. Thanks Jane. The bag looks awesome on you. I love it.
  5. OK, please excuse the blurriness as I get the hang of this! My Saleya PM on my 5'4" bod...wearing heels tonight :girlsigh: .
    LV 004 (2).jpg LV 006 (2).jpg
  6. Took some better pics today! Well, my husband took them. It also fits on my shoulder, though not for long periods of time.
    on_fig_1.jpg on_fig_2.jpg