saleya or SO cabas?

  1. i want a casual everyday bag i can grab when i'm running out the door. i think the damier is perfect because i have a few mono and they're abit high maintenance due to the vachetta. i don't want to have to worry about stains/leather darkening and the logo print everyone recognizes. i'm thinking of getting a saleya pm but the handles are a bit small. maybe i should SO a cabas piano? or should i just get a big tote and SO the cabas mezzo? i've seen both the SO cabas and mezzo in damier on tpf and they're so nice!! i would appreciate it if you ladies can tell me which you like best? or maybe suggest a different bag? (but not the BH.) thanks!!
  2. I think the SO cabas piano or mezzo would be a perfect choice for what you're looking for - Damier plus larger shoulder handles!

    I have the Saleya PM and the (mono) Cabas Piano and while I do love them both they do have some very minor limitations.

    They both have zip top which is a huge plus for me, plus a cell phone pocket which is an absolute must in these sizes; mine would get lost in a black hole otherwise!

    The Saleya doesn't work on my shoulder. The mono Piano does but also really announces "LV" which isn't always an issue but does make me think twice, I'll admit, about taking it places like job interviews. Damier is more understated. I try not to worry a whole lot about the vachetta on the Piano but it's probably going to show a few bumps along the way.

    Let us know what you decide - hope this helps! :flowers:
  3. I'd go with the Cabas because the straps are a lot more comfortable since they're flat, not rolled. Plus, I love the shape! :heart:
  4. thanks for the replies. hopefully i'll be able to go to LV sometime this week and check it out.
  5. Sara--have you looked at the Saleya GM? I am thinking about getting that one myself. It is alittle on the large side but it fits better on the shoulder:smile:
  6. i thought about the gm but now i'm wondering if it gm/mezzo size might be too big for everyday wear? does anyone know? i also have the luco tote which is similar in size to both bags so maybe i should buy a different size bag? (i haven't used my luco yet so i dont know if this is a good everyday size bag.) ahhh!! so many choices and decision...

    pursegrrl - how much can you put into the piano and saleya pm? can you put about the same amount?
  7. Hi Sara! Yes, the piano and saleya pm hold about the same. I am not one to overstuff my bags, so I generally carry in either:

    - wallet
    - checkbook (always separate from wallet)
    - cell phone
    - cell phone headset
    - small water bottle

    I could easily also fit an agenda or pda in either and still have room to spare. But I tend to carry those in my laptop briefcase.

    Here's a side by side pic of each to show that they are about the same size.
    saleya and piano (2).jpg
  8. i'd say go for the Seleya. you don't have to wait months, pay extra $$$ and the style looks fresher :yes:
  9. I agree ... I like the style of the MM:heart:
  10. i prefer the look of the saleya!
  11. hi! i have the saleya mm- and i love it. it comfortably fits over my shoulder, but with a big winter coat on, it won't. but, for three out of four seasons, it will work as a shoulder bag. (i'm about 5'1", average size- actually, a little big still after having a baby) i had the cabas mezzo, but it was just too big for me- too long, i guess. i felt like i was lugging my overnight bag around. this bag offers the space, but not the luggage feeling. check out the photo thread- there's a great photo of the bag on another tpfer. good luck!
  12. I went into the store this weekend and tried on the saleya and I love it. I am not exactly skinny minnie, but it DOES fit on my shoulder! I would be able to carry it that way no problem. It depends on your build, but it might work for you also. The PM is the one I like.. the MM is too big for me. I love the cabas also, but I really think I like the shape and the chunky gold on the saleya better.
  13. You can fit a ton in the piano. O nthe weekend i was carrying it as we were ata car meet. I had my everyday stuff i there ( makeup case, pti wallet, cell phone, lv agenda and cles) then added camera, mans wallet and cell phone, and had 2 cans of pop in there. I LOVE THIS BAG!
  14. :yes: i agree
  15. What about another great bag-damier chelsea?
    ITis big , but so lightweight and holds everything I need and then some.
    I love the flat handles and zipper and brown leather trim-really rich looking and it has a lock/key.
    No maintenance and I think the rolled handles on the saleya would bother me if I tried to hang on my shoulder.
    Whatever you decide ,LV is awesome and classic and you'll have a lifetime