Saleya MM

  1. Does anyone have pictures of the Saleya MM?
    Or, if you have it, how much does it hold and do you like it?
  2. I think there are some pics in the Visual Aids sticky above :flowers:

  3. Yup. ^^Check 'em out. I love that bag :P
  4. I have the bag, It's posted on here somewhere - I love the bag, it's rich looking and practically indestructable - holds anything and everything - My favorite of my LV's!!
  5. I love it.
  6. i also love it. i bought it for my fall bag, but i started carrying it three days ago because i couldn't wait. i'm a new mom and i need to carry lots of stuff- and this bag is the best. i love that it's raining out today- i have no worries about carrying this bag. i have never seen it on anyone else, either, and i just LOVE it. the pockets inside hold my cell phone and my fp perfectly. it's just a great size for me- i'm about 5' 1". when it's on my shoulder it hits at about my hip and itis very comfortable. the inside is heavenly to touch, too. get this bag!!!
  7. I have the Saleya GM, and if I had to do it over, I would probably got the MM. The GM is really big! I liked the little pocket on the outside of the GM, though - I think it adds visual interest to the vast expanse of Damier.
  8. Yeah I went to the store last night to look at it :shame:
    I really like the MM because of its size, but I'm worried that it wont fit all my school/work stuff (laptop, etc...), so maybe I need to get the GM? I don't know!

    Either way, both are so GORGEOUS! I'm in :love:
  9. This bag is so pretty! I see so many wearing it on there shoulder. I know it's really a handheld bag. But, I'd also like to wear it on the shoulder as well. Looks great!! I'm just worried/concerned that it would be uncomfortable with the rounded handles.

    For those of you that have it, and wear it on your shoulder...How long are you able to wear it on your shoulder until it starts being "uncomfortable" , that's if it does? Or are you able to shop or whatever for awhile w/ no achiness, or unpleasantness.

    I love this bag! I'd like to wear it on my shoulder comfortably. I'm considering the Chelsea also. But LOL everytime I see the Saleya's....:love:

    TIA! :yes:
  10. BTW - At the store yesterday, the SA told me that she found the rounded handles (like on the Saleya or the Lockit) more comfortable then the flat handles. Interesting... Anyone else feel this way too?
  11. I don't have the Saleya but I had the Mono Looping MM with the rolled handle - I ended up selling it b/c it never felt right on the shoulder.
  12. Like 4-5 yrs. ago or so....I tried a number of bags with the rolled handles. (Shoulder bags) the mini looping, looping, and a few others and found them to be uncomfortable. That's why I get a bit scared to go for the saleya and where it on my shoulder. I think I may be better off with something with flat handles. :yes: :sad:

    Unless of course I just use it as it's really meant to, handheld. I just feel like getting a shoulder bag. I have like 10 handheld LVs, and only 3 shoulder...well...5 if you count 2 lil pouchette access. bags.
  13. I agree that the rolled handles would be uncomfrotable and am not particularly liking the top of the saleya b/c its larger than bottom and I do luv my chelsea. ITS very light for a large bag, holds alot and looks very classy when your carrying it. I can wear with jeans as well as siuts. I like that iits not 'popular' and not ereryone is carrying one.
    I like to be different!
    Good luck with whatever you choose, both are great bags.
  14. I have the PM and it's by far my favorite bag. It's been my every day bag since I bought it two months ago. I am 5' 1" and for me it's the right size and I do occasionally put it on my shoulder. But I also like carrying it in my hand as well. I'm so glad I got it instead of the Speedy 25...
  15. Thx for the luck...need it! LOL!

    I have the BH and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! The Chelsea isn't much bigger. I looked it up online and it's 1" bigger, lengthwise, and 1" more in depth...and about 2" in height. Which is not that much bigger.
    Plus I'd have a shoulder bag option for when it rains. This would be bag # 2 in damier. I also have the Speedy Damier.

    I wonder does the Chelsea look "too big" for an everyday bag. My BH is great, I use it as a everyday bag...but since the Chelsea is a tad bigger, I wonder if that would make that much of a difference.

    Maybe the Illovo MM, but then I can forget about taking a hardcover bk., knitting, magazine with me....a paperback would probably be ok, but I'd have to carry the mag, or hardcover bk. by hand. So not to sure about that. Ugh...