Saleya mm with longer handles-too big for every day?

Sep 26, 2006
I read that the handles of the Saleya mm were changed by LV so that they will be long enough to wear her as a shoulder bag.:yes:
Question: has anyone seen this version IRL by now?
Who has the Saleya mm -even with the shorter handles- and wears her as a shoulder bag? Big? Too big for every day?:confused1:
I thought the MM was always a shoulder bag?? I tried the damier & azur MM on the day they were released here and they both were comfortable shoulder bags:yes: I think it would be a great everyday casual bag:love:
No not at all ... it looks great both in damier and azur:heart: The shoulder bag I want is a suhali lockit GM in that is a BIG bag:nuts: Also I prefer to have room in a bag than fill it up too much:yes:
Yeah, I know what you mean, I want a big bag too (using the speedy 30 at the moment and the baggy pm which is too small for me), but it should not overwhelm me. And I finally gave in to the fact that I need a shoulder bag that is bigger then my baggy, even if I can not carry it all the time because of a back problem.
Love the suhali lockit, unfortunatly out of my price range...
i have this bag- with the reg. handles. i can wear it as a shoulder bag as long as my winter coat is not too bulky (if you wear a puffy coat it won't work). i do use this bag almost everyday- i can fit lots in it. my dad even complimented it yesterday, and he doesn't care a thing or notice bags at all!
Oh that's good to hear.. that's one thing that I kind of have some beef with, bags that would be great as shoulder bags but the straps just aren't long enough !
Just thought that it might be a bit overwhelming as I saw the measurements on the LV site and that makes me a bit worried. It looked so big when I tried to measure it out on a sheet of paper (something I often do when I try to find out if a bag might be the right size for me).
I tried on the Azur MM and thought it was a really lovely size and fit comfortably on my shoulders... and I do not have the skinniest arms. It also looks nice carried on the hand. :yes:
I think the longer handles will only lower the bag about an inch or two down on the hip when carried on the shoulder. I have the Saleya MM with the original length handles and it hits me perfectly where I want it to right above my hip. But, I wouldn't mind the longer handles at all. So either way, the bag is a perfect everyday bag! :jammin:
I will phone LV in Berlin (where I want to buy in january) and will ask when they receive the "new" Saleya mm. I keep you all informed how it looks and when they are supposed to hit the shops:yes:

Here in the US they will be available in the stores in a few weeks, so hopefully they will be available soon for you as well!