Saleya MM vs Cabas Mezzo

  1. I posted this on another forum and didn't get any replies - maybe this one is more active... Anyway, I'm considering the Saleya MM or the Cabas Mezzo to use as a carry-on travel tote. Would either have adequate roominess? I prefer a zipper so either would work. I like that the CM stands up nicely on it's own but is the Saleya a little floppy when not filled? The boutique was O/S on the Saleya MM but I looked at the GM and it was very floppy and didn't stand up on it's own at all - I thought it looked messy. Any comments on the MM's "floppiness". I like the leather on the Saleya and am concerned with CM vachetta getting dirty and scuffed - comments on that would really be appreciated since my next trip with one of these bags will be a sailing trip.

    Since I haven't seen them side by side which is roomier?
  2. Hmmm... the Saleya MM is 17 inches x 11 inches and retails for $990 USD.

    The Cabas Mezzo is 13 inches x 19 inches, is a bit more roomier, and retails for $1,030 USD.

    I say go for the Cabas Mezzo.

    Welcome to tPF btw! I hope you enjoy your stay here. :smile:
  3. I have the cabas mezzo and love it. thinking of getting the azur saleya as its just to cute.
  4. The Saleya is 2 inches wider though at 7.9 vs. 6.1 so technically when you calculate the cubic inches the Saleya is bigger - it isn't a completely accurate way to look at it because they both taper at the top.
  5. Since I can't PM you, I'll have to give you a head's up publicly. It's not necessary to post three threads asking the same question. One will suffice. ;)
  6. the cabas mezzo sounds good to me.
  7. i have a friend that has a mezzo and the only thing about this bag is since underneith the bag is that creamish material... it get dirty or stained really fast... idk... both bags are beautiful and very roomie but i would have to say go with the saleya ;o)
  8. lists the cabas mezzo size as 19" x 13" x 6, but lists the cabas mezzo size as 15.7" x 13" x 6.1". so i measured my cabas mezzo to see who was right. it turns out measured the bag correctly--- the length of the cabas mezzo is definitely less than 16". so the accurate size of the cabas mezzo is 15.7" x 13" x 6.1".
  9. i think both bags (saleya mm and cabas mezzo) look good. i chose the mezzo and i love it. i did not like the rolled handles on the saleya mm. i'm careful with the vachetta. i don't know the actual size of the saleya mm, but says it's 17.7 x 11.2 x 7.9.
  10. I'm a Damier fan, so I prefer the Saleya MM. I love mine! The CM is probably more comfy on the shoulder, though.
  11. I use my Saleya MM on flights and it works great! You can carry a ton! And best of all, it's worry-free -- on my most recent flight there was a bit of turbulence during the meal and a little bit of my drink spilled onto the outside of my bag -- but the bag wiped completely clean! :wlae:
  12. Beautiful Life, thanks for measuring your bag. I had noticed that discrepancy between the two websites myself and called eluxury and they confirmed they were incorrect but it looks like the haven't changed it yet. So the Saleya would still hold more but I'm wondering too about those handles on Saleya - do they stay up and are they comfortable? Does anyone have any actual measurements for the Saleya MM? For some reason, I cannot access the LV website.
  13. LVMH Girl, is that a Cabas Piano or Mezzo in your picture with the Saleya in the background? Is that your dog in the Saleya? Cute! What kind of dog is it?
  14. I have a Mezzo and love it because it fits comfortably over my shoulder. I however am looking for a Saleya MM. I want both. :graucho:

    I had the PM and it was to small. The only thing is it's not a shoulder bag. But, as far as looks, I think the Saleya is classier.
  15. I love the Mezzo! As long as you spray the vachetta with some leather protectant (Wilsons, shining monkey, etc.) and don't beat the sh*t out of it you should be fine.