saleya mm straps?

  1. Ok I totally thought that the Saleya MM had straps that would fit over my shoulder...I'm pretty sure they did in the store! But I just got my new-to-me Saleya MM (about 1 year old) in the mail yesterday and the straps barely fit over my I remembering it wrong? Or did the straps change or something? If they did, is there anyway I could get them replaced?
  2. Hmmm the Saleya MM's handles always fit over my shoulder but I believe awhile ago they made the handles a tad longer...not 100% sure though, need confirmation on this...
  3. I believe that they did change the handles on this bag about 6 months after it was released. The new ones DO fit much better!
  4. If it's a year old it's definitely the one with the short straps. It was around late February/March when the longer straps models arrived. I was on a waitlist for one and got the first one my boutique received. The newer ones fit very comfortably on the shoulder, even with a coat.
  5. Yep, you have the older one with the shorter straps. They only recently made them longer. I also have an older one with shorter straps, but they still fit nicely over my shoulder.
  6. does anyone know if i can get the shorter ones replaced for the longer ones? Thanks!
  7. ^this can be inquired at the store. there's likely a markup for making this change.
  8. They will proabably make you pay for changing the straps to the longer version. Did you get it done?