Saleya MM question

  1. I read in a previous post that LV made longer handles for the Saleya MM. Do any of y'all have it and how comfortable is it? How much is the MM anyway? thanks!
  2. I dunno, when I bought my GM recently I just remember that the MM had the SAME handle size as the GM. Comfy? I dunno, it's a subjective question... I think I should ask you: ARE YOU A SLAVE FOR FASHION?!?!?! lol Anyway, good luck with the purchase :biggrin:
  3. I just read in another post about this. There seems to be some kind of mix-up. I'm not sure what is happening.
  4. :lol: lol about being a slave for fashion!! my trouville is such a pain in the ass (esp shopping) but then its just too gorgeous NOT to use!
  5. Azur has the longer handles, but if you are talking about the ebene the short straps will be sold until depleted before the same handles like the Azur will start trickling in.
  6. yeah, very true! I guess we can both be LV slaves:roflmfao: