Saleya MM owners...Width Dimensions ?

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  1. I was wondering about the width across dimension...

    The dimensions for the Saleya MM according to is... 17.7 x 11.2 x 7.9

    I've read before somewhere on tPF that the 17.7" was referring to the top (widest point) of the Saleya MM (going across: from zipper to tab) is this correct??

    If so, Do any of you know what the bag measures across at the base? (...being that it goes in a bit at either side..)

  2. <Bump>

    Anyone? :hrmm:
  3. You should do a search. I posed this same question awhile back and someone actually measured theirs and I can't remember exactly but is was only about 12-13 inches wide at the bottom. The official measurement is for the top. It doesn't hold as much as the Hampstead GM or Cabas Mezzo. I'm not sure how it compares to the Hampstead MM, though. I've looked at them all recently and I didn't like the Saleya because it was so floppy and fell over if it wasn't full. I also think the style isn't anything special. I went with the Hampstead GM but I'm using it as a gym bag and carry-on travel tote.
  4. Ya, I've been doing numerous searches, on the Saleyas (all sizes)...just trying to read as much as I can on it...Guess I haven't came across that thread yet.

    Thx for the info.! :yes:
  5. Width at top is 17.5", width at base is about 12.25".

    Hope this helps!

    edited to add: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Saleya MM. It is such a fabulous bag! Hope you get one!
  6. Aww, Thx!!! I'm planning to visit the boutique this wkend.
    One other quick ?...Do the handles hurt, being they're rounded? Do you find this to be a problem? it comfy?

    Trying to do all my research beforehand... LOL!! Seems from pics I've seen that the Saleya's base is less structured/stiff than the Hampstead. Seems like the Saleya's base may be more "squooshy" in a way...
    Hmm...Do you find this to be true?? :confused1: (btw, I like "squooshy" big, bags...) :yes: I have the BH and love the feel of it....I guess I'm hoping the Saleya is similar to it.

    I do know that I want a shoulder bag, and Azur is the route I'm going...(so far...LOL..ya never know..)....I had thought of the Hampstead...but figure I'll get a Damier shoulder bag later in the year. Perhaps the Neverfull in Damier for Xmas since it'll be out in Nov. ;)

    Thx for your help!! :tup:
  7. All the SA's I've talked to about the Saleyas say the straps are uncomfortable.
  8. I've never tried on the Hampstead, so I can't say if it's stiffer than the Saleya. The structured bottom of the Saleya does not bother me at all, and I thought it might before I bought it. The rest of it is more squooshy like the BH, so it does not look stiff at all. I don't find the rolled handles really uncomfortable, but it's not as comfy on the shoulder as the BH. I tend to carry it more often on my arm, as I tend to carry all my bags by hand or arm rather than on my shoulder.

    Hope that helps! Let us know what you decide!

  9. Yep, I like the squooshy factor to my BH. So if that's the case with the Saleya...that sounds pretty good. Hmm...interesting...;)

    If I decide to get it I'll definitely post w/ pics! If not, then LOL I guess it's back to the drawing board....

    Thx again!!! :yes: Very helpful!:tup:
  10. The Saleya is very squooshie and the Hampstead is stuffable, somewhat squooshie and definitely roomier.