Saleya MM?? owners please!!!

  1. Is Saleya MM easy to carry on shoulder without keeping falling off??

    because the straps of Saleya are different from other shoulder bags.

    I am wondering if Saleya MM can make a great "shoulder" bag for a mum-wanna-be??

    thanks!! :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. I LOVE mine. I find it very comfy on the shoulder. And it's the perfect size.
  3. i don't have this bag but i can imagine that the rolled handles could get uncomfortable if you are planning to carry a lot of stuff in your bag. maybe the BH or cabas mezzo would be more comfortable. the BH is very light!

    good luck with becoming a mum!!
  4. I use it as a school bag and find it easy to carryover my shoulders. I think it would be wonderful for you!
  5. I love mine. rarely falls off my shoulder.
  6. I rarely carry it on my shoulder due to the rolled handles.....I hold it like a tote bag.