Saleya MM or Speedy 25?


what should my "last" purchase be?~ =D

  1. Damier Saleya MM

  2. Damier Speedy 25

  3. Other (please specify)

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  1. so i promised myself that this is the last bag i will buy until christmas..haha..and i wont be like last time w/ the soufflot and the pap..i wont succumb to the temptation and buy both:lol: :lol: i err..."need" one more my choices are both in damier:

    1) Damier Canvas Saleya MM or
    2) Damier Cavnas Speedy 25 or
    3) better suggestions from PFer's~~ (i dont like anything in the brown mono cavas, vernis, or perfo)

    Thanks! :lol:
  2. I voted for the Saleya but it really depends on what kind of bag you're looking for. That bag is perfect if you want a lot of room and a bag you can carry in hand or on the shoulder. I have the PM and I love mine, I recommend you try that one on too because it has a ton of room inside as well, easily as much as a speedy 25.
  3. I just am in love with the look of the Speedy - so of course thats where my vote goes.
  4. I have both the speedy25 mono and saleya mm. They are two entirely diff bags both in shape, functionality, size and how you prefer to carry a bag. It depends on how you will use it and what you will use it for. Personally i prefer the saleya mm it is my most functional LV bag and very classy too :smile:
  5. I like saleya better.
  6. I voted 4 the saleya mm. If you had it against speedy 30, I would've chosen the speedy 30. Both are cute though!
  7. Another vote for the saleya !
  8. totally different bags, so it depends on if you're looking for a handheld bag or a shoulder bag.

    if you dont have a damier bag i'd go the sayela.
  9. speedy! :love:
  10. hmm..such a tough decision! poll is currently at 50/50..haha..only damier things i have is pap 30 and a keepall luggage..i dont want it to be like last time and buy both! first i didnt really think the saleya was going to be a bag for me..but then i saw kaka's picutres and thought it looked pretty good! :P i wish my money is unlimited haha..then i wouldnt have choice problems! juss buy them all! :lol: :upsidedown:
    but anyways, im going to use it as an everyday bag so both bags are ok for casual everyday look in my opinion~ juss wchih one?~~~:shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
  11. I love my speedy, I think you just have to decide wether you want a shoulder bag or handheld
  12. I voted speedy. I have the 25 too and I love it! I actually bought a saleya pm and returned it b/c it didn't stay on my shoulder very well. The one strap kept sliding off but if you're going to carry it anyway that won't matter.
  13. I love my damier speedy 25! :love:
  14. i think the damier speedy 25 looks better.
  15. my vote goes to the SUPER cute damier speedy 25!