saleya mm or papillon 30

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  1. thanks to all of you!! all your opinions count a lot!! it's just hard to decide..'wish i can just have all of them so i won't have to decide :biggrin:
  2. saleya
  3. Saleya MM
  4. Saleya - I also have the Saleya MM, same color, and love it and bring it to work. I know what you mean about the handles, but it is so elegant, and I am used to carrying it on my arms now...
  5. Pap definitely. It works as a more formal or a casual bag (especially in ebene) and works great as a hand carry. I don't carry mine shoulder normally, but it definitely can be done in a pinch. Just wish it could fit more stuff!
  6. It sounds like you'd really like to get a Pap 30 however I'd just like to share some things to consider about this bag. I don't know what you carry on a typical basis - for me though, I ended up selling my Pap 30 because for me it wasn't a practical bag other than for short errands or night outings when I won't carry much and when I carry it in hand (so not to loose shape). I couldn't fit my Agenda MM and sunglass case inside it along with my other essentials (keys, wallet, cell etc). When carried under the shoulder, it looses its shape since it's squished - it only looked like the tubular shape when I place it behind my shoulder but it wasn't comfortable carrying it that way.

    The posters above have great ideas for alternatives - I just wanted to share with you why the Pap 30 didn't work for me. Hope this helps.
  7. thanks for all your opinions....i ended up getting a sofia coppola bag--SC pm bag calf leather in chocolat color......this bag ended my search for the ultimate bag that i've been dreaming of...:yahoo:
  8. Great choice! Share some pics if you can :smile:)
  9. I adore my Papillon!! So, of course, I would highly recommend it. As others have said, the Rivington would also be a great option. Good luck with your decision.