saleya mm or papillon 30

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  1. hello to all..i've been searching for a casual, understated, yet elegant damier ebene bag (with zipper)..i have a saleya mm that i'm thinking of selling to buy a papillon 30 in damier ebene because i think that i can carry the papillon 30 everyday (to work, to the park, to the grocery, anywhere!!) versus my saleya mm that i'm a bit shy to carry to work because it's big and everybody may notice it (it's just me :biggrin:) plus the rolled handles are a bit uncomfortable when used as a shoulder bag (one of the handles would usually fall off from my shoulder)..i've been searching for a casual, understated, structured damier ebene bag with zipper and can be used as handheld and shoulder bag, which i can carry anywhere, but it seems there's nothing perfect for me that i can find..the closest i can think of is the saleya pm but i'm worried that it's not comfortable to wear as a shoulder bag OR the papillon sum this up, which do you prefer: saleya mm, saleya pm, papillon 30 or any other suggestion/s? (btw, i already have a trevi)..what's important for me is that it should be in damier ebene, with zipper, structured, casual yet elegant and can be used as both handheld and shoulder bag....thank you in advance.
  2. Hi again :smile:...Have you looked at the new Rivington? It has structure and it's a true shoulder bag, not like the papillon. It's sort of like an Ebene version of the Montorgueil.
  3. My toss around LV is my Papillon 26. Love it. I have it in the older Monogram Canvas with the grosgrain leather. A carefree workhorse.
  4. I've learned to love my mono Pap 26 again too! It's my casual bag when I don't want to carry my Trevi, but need something that can still fit all my regular stuff.

    I would say Papillon 30 in Ebene or Rivington.
  5. Verona PM ?!
  6. I LOVE my damier pap!!! it's a GREAT bag...good luck deciding
  7. I own the Saleya PM and really love it, but to me it can sometimes feel a little dressy for everyday. I can carry it on my shoulder for short periods of time, but it's not really meant to be a true shoulder bag. I like the Papillon - so cute. Rivington is really nice, too - not sure if that would work as well for evening? Good luck!
  8. I'd look into the Rivinton PM or Verona PM :smile:
  9. I have the damier pap 30 and its my MOST complimented LV. It holds a ton but is understated while being absolutely gorgeous (do you think I love my pap hah )
  10. I absolutely love my Damier Pap 26. You just cannot kill that bag! It always looks so elegant and you can actually fit alot in it. I'd go the 30 for work though so you have that extra bit of room.
  11. My personal opinion/suggestion: Rivington PM or GM (depending on how big a bag you like to carry). Good luck! :smile:
  12. Verona PM
  13. Try rivington, it's a nice shoulder bag. Pap 30 is more of a handheld bag. But if you don't mind handheld styled, saleya pm is a good choice too. Elegant, classy and quite versatile.
  14. The Pap 30 is super bulky, imo. I didn't like the bag because I didn't put enough stuff in it to keep it balanced. So, I'd select the Saleya.
  15. I say keep the Saleya...