Saleya MM or Mini Lin Speedy 30?

  1. I'm debating between the Saleya MM in Damier Azur and the Speedy 30 in Mini Lin...I currently have a Speedy 25 in Damier and another Speedy 25 in Mono. Does anyone prefer one over the other? I don't know if I want a Saleya or a bigger speedy next (I suppose I could get a Speedy 30 in Damier Azur). What do you guys think? Also, is one more delicate than the other?
  2. I would say saley, but damier is my current fav, so....
  3. Saleya MM would be good.
  4. do you think the saleya to the speedy 30?
  5. You already have speedys so get the greatest bag ever, the Saleya MM :lecture:!
  6. I use my Azur Saleya a lot more than my speedys btw!
  7. I love the speedy 30!! I have 3!
  8. Saleya! I loved the Mini Lin Speedy until I saw a girl wearing it and it sagged something MAJOR! Normally I don't mind the sag too much but with the min lin it looks REALLY bad, IMO like you've got a dark rag on handles. :sad:
  9. I think the salayea is a great choice!
  10. My mom has the mini lin and i have the saleya- I have to say saleya for sure! it is so comfortable and will last longer in my opinion- the fabric on the mini lin is really nice but just doesnt hold up as well- go for saleya!!
  11. OMG tough choice!!!! I love the Mini Lin Speedy's but since you already have 2 other speedy's I say get the Saleya next. It is a great shoulderbag. And then get a Mini Lin Speedy next. Which color did you want the Dune or Ebene?

  12. You can totally control the sag. I took a DVD case and opened it up and it fits on the bottom perfectly (a trick I learned here) and I have ZERO sag on either of my Mini Lin speedy's.
  13. I vote for Saleya b/c honestly I'm not a fan of mini lin at all, sorry...

  14. I have 2 mini lin speedy's and I keep reading "that they do not hold up" but I have never read anywhere anyone complaining that they are having any problems with them. I have 2 and they both look perfect. No signs of any wear.
  15. Ebene...I'm not great with light colors! Can I ask which you like better, since I see you have both (the Mini Lin and the Saleya). I'd use it as an everyday bag on the east coast...