Saleya Has Been Snagged!!!

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  1. Just ordered the MM from Elux! They have the MM and PM now. Can't beat no tax and free shipping. I'm so excited about this one, it'll be my first Damier! :lol:
  2. Congratulations! Nothing beats the anticipation of an expected bag arrival. :smile:
  3. Congratulations. Please post a review and pics for us when you receive your new Saleya. That bag looks great!
  4. Congrats!!! I'm very excited for you..definitely post pics ASAP when you get it!
  5. Ahh.. exciting ! I can't wait to see pictures ! ;)
  6. YAY! I can't wait to see photos :love: :nuts:
  7. Congrats! I'd love to see photos and what you can fit into it! I am debating between the MM and PM right now :smile:
  8. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Don't forget to post pics !! please!
  10. Congrats!!! :biggrin:
  11. congrats...i can't wait to see pics!
  12. E luxury has no tax and free shipping???????????:smile:
  13. Yes!!! Patiently awaiting pics!
  14. I have tried both instore here and I found that the MM is a better size than the pm. Can't wait to see photos:love:
  15. No tax if you don't live in CA or TN and free shipping until 3/20 with code LEAP