Saleya GM....

  1. How do you like that bag? You can fit everything in that baby huh? I think it's awesome. I frequently hear about the PM and the MM but not many people seem to boast about the "Big Momma" of them all. :graucho: Personally, I like my bags large unless I'm making a quick jaunt. This would be a perfect work bag if I didn't already have a mono Cabas Alto. Please share pics of yours. A model pic would be awesome! Thanks in advance.
  2. I have the MM but love the GM too, the only thing I don't like is the look of the front pocket for some reason, I also wonder how heavy it would be stuffed, my MM can get rather heavy when full.
  3. Hi Jo!
    I like the GM as well but as Baglovingmom says, I do not particularly like the zippered pocket in front. The MM is great, but as I know you're a shoulder bag person, I say the GM is definitely for you!
  4. ^^ That's so funny - the reason I like the GM better is because of the front zipper pocket. How weird. But I do like it very much.
  5. Actually, I can carry a bag either way and have been enjoying carrying my bags in my hand. The pocket, along with that beautiful, shiny, gold zipper, is what makes the Saleya GM stand out. I'd have no use for the PM nor the MM. The GM could surely find its way to my house. Since it doesn't seem to be overly popular that makes me like it even more! :yes:
  6. That's not weird at all, I recently carried the gm around the boutique in Bal Harbour while I was still shopping, and that's what I really liked the most, was the front zipper but I chose the Chelsea instead, the rolled handles just weren't that comfortable, but it's a lovely bag!:love:
  7. I have the gm. Love it. It is a great schlep bag. I have other big bags to use as purses and wanted an even bigger bag to drag stuff around/to work like shoes, the paper, work, etc. This is perfect. I had the chelsea, which I found uncomfortable to carry == the straps were too stiff. The gm fits nicely on my shoulder and holds more than the chelsea. Plus it's a little funkier than the chelsea.